For Educational Purposes

The Oklahoma Professional Development Center is staffed with a director and secretaries who supervise programs and assist educators with needed resources.

The Lawton Public Schools commits additional resources to the Lawton Professional Development Center by providing the facility and the operational costs. State teachers are encouraged to use Lawton Professional Development Center resources which are made available to them through district funds.

By participating in training sessions, reviewing professional literature, viewing videos on classroom instruction and school improvement, and creating instructional materials, educators can enhance their professional skills and broaden their knowledge regarding quality education.

Review the information so that you can become familiar with the resources available to you at the Lawton P. D.C., and understand the procedures you will need to follow to access these resources. As always, we welcome your suggestions and you participation in our professional development programs.


The mission of the Lawton Professional Development Center is to promote excellence in education and the continual upgrading of professional competencies for Lawton educators.The center provides the opportunity for all area educators to have access to information and resources in proven instructional and administrative practices which promote quality instruction and overall school improvement